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2023 Session Bills

MTCPA Monday Legislation Calls

The Montana Legislature is in session, and we are hard at work advocating and monitoring issues on your behalf.

Each Monday during legislative session the Society hosts a Zoom call at 7:00 am to discuss bills and the legislative process.  Members are encouraged to attend and share your thoughts and insights related to proposed legislation. 

Click the button below for the link to the Zoom call each Monday at 7:00 am.

Zoom Link

What we are following, supporting, and opposing



The following bills are being supported by the Society:

Bill NumberLC NumberPrimary SponsorStatusStatus DateShort Title
SB 124     LC0294Greg Hertz (R) SD 6(S) Hearing -- (S) Taxation01/17/2023; 08:00 AM, Rm 405Revise corporate income tax apportionment
HB 87       LC0394Bill Mercer (R) HD 46(H) Hearing -- (H) Business and Labor01/19/2023; 08:30 AM, Rm 172Standardize licensing board organization
HB 115     LC0395Bill Mercer (R) HD 46(H) Hearing -- (H) Business and Labor01/19/2023; 08:30 AM, Rm 172Consolidating and clarifying penalties for unlicensed practice
HB 152     LC0396Bill Mercer (R) HD 46(H) Hearing -- (H) Business and Labor01/18/2023; 08:30 AM, Rm 172Revise laws related to professional and occupational licensure
HB 24       LC0454Tom Welch (R) HD 72(S) Hearing -- (S) Taxation01/19/2023; 09:00 AM, Rm 405Revise tax credit review schedule
SB 64       LC0468Daniel Zolnikov (R) SD 22(S) Hearing -- (S) Taxation01/11/2023; 08:00 AM, Rm 405Revise laws related to extension of individual income tax statute of limitations
SB 65       LC0469Daniel Zolnikov (R) SD 22(S) Scheduled for 2nd Reading1/16/2023Revise statute of limitations for income tax refunds and credits


These are bills the Society opposes: 

(Of note, the Society worked over multiple sessions to enact tax simplification. A large part of this effort was the repeal of most tax credits. To try to protect this moving forward, we oppose the majority of proposed tax credits. Our opposition is not against any specific cause, but against complicating the tax code)

Bill NumberLC NumberPrimary SponsorStatusStatus DateShort Title
HB 221     LC0704Tom Welch (R) HD 72(H) Hearing -- (H) Taxation01/18/2023; 09:00 AM, Rm 152Revise income tax rates for net-long term capital gains
SB 104     LC1357John Fuller (R) SD 4(S) Referred to Committee -- (S) Taxation1/4/2023Exempt retired military pensions from state income tax
HB 225     LC1919Courtenay Sprunger (R) HD 7(H) Referred to Committee -- (H) Taxation1/12/2023Establish adoption tax credit


The Society is monitoring these bills to see if future action is needed:

Bill NumberLC NumberPrimary SponsorStatusStatus DateShort Title
 LC 0998 (C) Draft Ready for Delivery12/30/2022Revise local government financial reporting and audit requirements




HB 192

LC1159Bill Mercer (R) HD 46(H) Introduced01/05/2023Use surplus revenue for income tax and property tax refunds and payment of bonds




HB 23       

LC0453Mark Thane (D) HD 99(H) Introduced11/28/2022Revise student scholarship organization and innovative education tax credits




SB 118    


LC1361John Fuller (R) SD 4(S) Referred to Committee -- (S) Taxation01/04/2023Revise aggregate limit on education scholarship tax credit programs




SB 14       

LC0452Greg Hertz (R) SD 6(S) Referred to Committee -- (S) Taxation12/20/2022Revise MEDIA Act film credit cap




SB 27       


LC0463Walt Sales (R) SD 35(S) Hearing -- (S) Taxation01/10/2023; 08:00 AM, Rm 405Revise MEDIA Act reporting requirements




SB 15       

LC0455Shannon O'Brien (D) SD 46(S) Referred to Committee -- (S) Taxation12/02/2022Provide for all ages homeowner and renter tax credit