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2023 Session Bills

MTCPA Monday Legislation Calls

The Montana Legislature is in session, and we are hard at work advocating and monitoring issues on your behalf.

Each Monday during legislative session the Society hosts a Zoom call at 7:00 am to discuss bills and the legislative process.  Members are encouraged to attend and share your thoughts and insights related to proposed legislation. 

Click the button below for the link to the Zoom call each Monday at 7:00 am.

Zoom Link

What we are following, supporting, and opposing



These are bills MTCPA supports.  These fall under two main categories, licensure bills that protect the CPA and tax bills that align with our Tax Principles.



These are bills the Society opposes.  These are typically the opposite of bills we support. Of note, the Society worked over multiple sessions to enact tax simplification. A large part of this effort was the repeal of most tax credits. To try to protect this moving forward, we oppose the majority of proposed tax credits. Our opposition is not against any specific cause, but against complicating the tax code.



The Society is monitoring these bills to see if future action is needed.