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2022 Top Errors from IRS

June 11, 2022

Errors taxpayers made, not that the IRS made

Top Errors

Top 10 Electronic Filing Errors

1Recovery Rebate Credit Tax Year 202110,861,729
2Additional Child Tax Credit, Tax Year 20213,302,582
3Child Tax Credit and Other Dependent Credit Eligibility Validation1,698,906
4Child Tax Credit Verification899,466
5Child Tax Credit and Credit for Other Dependents400,677
6Excessive Social Security Tax / Railroad Retirement Tax Act Withholding383,033
7Other Taxes on Schedule 2316,885
8Withholding on Income Comparison 297,845
9Excess Gross Social Security284,643
10Validation of ITIN Deactivation Status206,562

Top 10 Paper Filing Errors

1Return Complexity Requires Manual Review470,823
2Taxable Income416,742
3Statute of Limitations (Prior Year Returns)383,272
4Tentative Tax314,503
5Total Adjustments281,901
6Total Payments229,630
7Total Tax165,561
8Recoverable Rebate Credit Tax Year 2020156,977
9Total Income139,807
10Balance Due or Refund127,552