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Awarding excellence

MTCPA Awards

Every year, the MTCPA honors individuals that have demonstrated their commitment to supporting the Society and maintaining the CPA's trusted and respected place in the state's professional community. 

Nomination deadline for all awards is December 15th, each year. Form can be found here.

The Awards are presented at the Annual Conference in June, except for the Outstanding CPA in Industry, which is presented at the Industry Conference in March.

2023 Award Winners: (top to bottom)
Distinguished Service Award: Ann Deegan, CPA
Outstanding Educator: Terri Herron, CPA PhD; Outstanding CPA in Industry: Carrie Jensen, CPA CGMA; Honorary Life: Linda Hurlock, CPA; Community Service Award: John Jacobsen, CPA; Outstanding Young CPA: Jaylin Kenney, CPA

George D. Anderson 

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is MTCPA's highest honor, recognizing a member who has served the profession or the public with distinction throughout their long-standing career. These are CPAs who have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the profession whether locally, nationally, or internationally; and/or serving the public.

In evaluating nominations, the MTCPA Board of Directors will consider the nominee’s accomplishments in the following areas:

  • Service to the Montana Society of CPAs as an officer, Board member, committee member, legislative spokesperson, CPE speaker, researcher, and Line Items contributor, as well as other types of activities that enhance the profession’s stature;
  • Service to the AICPA, as an officer, committee member, researcher, speaker, or exam grader/contributor;
  • Service to other national organizations which contribute to the overall strength of the accounting profession, such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, the Institute of Management Accountants, the American Accounting Association, and other recognized organizations that directly influence the accounting profession;
  • Service to international accounting organizations such as the International Financial Accounting Committee;
  • Active participant & assumed responsibility in various community, charitable, and civic activities on a local, state, or national level;
  • Service in the community, state, or nation in an outstanding manner as an appointed or elected official;
  • Presented speeches or published significant articles designed to encourage participation in, or support of community, civic, or charitable causes.

Inspire-Empower-Impact Award

This [NEW] award is a celebration of the impact CPAs make through their actions to which empower other CPAs, educational innovation and contributions to the accounting profession that motivates and inspires students, and/or their volunteer efforts both within the Society and the community.

A nominee for this award could be a Professor at a University inspiring students with their enthusiasm for the profession; an up-and-coming Young CPA making headway in the field; a CPA in Industry who is making significant contributions to the profession; or even a CPA who volunteers their time to many local organizations and committees. The possibilities are endless!

Note: this award category has morphed to include former awards such as the Outstanding CPA in Industry Award; the Jack Kempner Outstanding Educator Award; the Outstanding Young CPA Award; the Community Service and Outstanding Volunteer Awards. See section at the bottom of this page for more details.

Honorary Life

This award and status is granted by the Board of Directors for a member in good standing for 20 years or more, effective the fiscal year following the fiscal year during which the member reaches age 70. They are then exempt from fees, dues and assessments.

Medallion Award

The Medallion is awarded to an outstanding upper-level accounting student in a four or five-year program at the University of Montana, Montana State University, and Montana State University-Billings. Each year, the faculty at these universities each select a student who represents excellence in scholastic achievement in the accounting curriculum.