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John Iverson

Iverson Consulting

IRS Contact

Stakeholder Liason

Stakeholder Liaison establishes relationships with practitioner and industry organizations representing small business and self-employed taxpayers. They provide information about the policies, practices and procedures the IRS uses to ensure compliance with the tax laws. They also elevate issues that affect tax administration using the Issue Management Resolution System (IMRS) – an internal database that streamlines and facilitates issue identification, resolution or response and feedback.

Communications & Liaison At-a-Glance

Eryka Nolen

IRS Stakeholder Liason

First Thursday IMRS Calls

The IMRS (Issue Management Resolution System) is an internal database used by stakeholder liaisons to address issues identified by stakeholders concerning tax administration. IMRS provides a streamlined and structured process that facilitates issue identification, resolution or response and feedback.

The purpose of these calls is to share information with the tax professional community and to address questions, listen to concerns and obtain feedback on IRS policies and procedures. Contact Eryka Nolen (above) if you have any comments or suggestions.

10.06.22 - Meeting Summary here
11.30.22 - Meeting Summary here
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