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Information about the Society

Who we are

Founded in 1913, the Montana Society of CPAs is the professional association for certified public accountants (CPAs) with approximately 1,600 members throughout the state, nation and world. 

Our membership base includes CPAs in public practice, corporate finance, government, education, staff working with CPAs, as well as students and graduates working towards their CPAs.

Our organization functions as an advocate for the profession through education, public awareness, government relations and promotion of high ethical standards.

Why Join?

Join other CPAs focused on professional excellence.  Society membership tells the world you are committed to the profession and yourself.

Prepared for tomorrow, because of work from yesterday.  The profession keeps changing and MTCPA continues to make an impact.  Changing what needs to evolve, while maintaining the things that make us who we are.  

The information and people you need all in one place.  MTCPA helps members find the resources they need when they need them. 

Engaging CPE that inspires and empowers members to gain the knowledge they need to make an impact.  Checks and balances to protect the public and ensure the highest standards are met.  

Together we make an impact.  The Society amplifies the voice of Montana CPAs to protect the profession and create the best possible regulatory environment for our members and the people we serve. 

CPA Licensing in Montana

We know it can be confusing, but MTCPA does not provide licensing. The Montana State Board is a state agency issuing CPA licenses and firm permits, while MTCPA is the professional association representing Montana CPAs.

For information on the requirements necessary to obtain or renew a CPA license in Montana, please contact the Montana Board of Public Accountants. 

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