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Your mental health is a priority

Mental Health Resource Center for CPAs

As CPAs are working to adjust their business operations and serve and advise clients/colleagues during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the MTCPA has compiled a variety of mental health resources to assist employees and managers alike.


How to Cope with Job Stress and Build Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Workplace Mental Health Tools and Resources

Center for Workplace Mental Health
The Center for Workplace Mental Health provides provides employers the tools, resources and information needed to promote and support the mental health of employees and their families.
COVID-19: Mental Health and Well Being

Montana COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Resources
Montana Crisis Text Line: text “MT” to 741741 Available 24 hours every day if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, suicide or school stressors.

Montana Warm Line: 877-688-3377 Available Monday-Friday 8 AM to 9 PM and Saturday 12 PM to 9 PM for phone support delivered by trained individuals for people with mental illness.

NAMI Montana Helpline Resources
NAMI’s affiliates hold a variety of support groups in their communities. The Connections support groups are facilitated by individuals who live with severe mental illness for people who live with severe mental illness. There are also family support groups facilitated by family members of people who live with mental illness for family members of people who live with severe mental illness. 

If you are in a severe life-threatening crisis, please call or text 988 or otherwise contact your local law enforcement and emergency medical services.

Montana 211 connects you to non-emergency resources and assistance across Montana. Call 211 to reach them.