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Seeking experienced Chief Financial Officer - come join our team!

The Commissioner of Securities and Insurance (CSI), Montana State Auditor’s Office, is seeking applicants for the position of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Date Posted

May 23, 2023


Job Posting


Helena, MT

Chief Financial Officer

This position has primary responsibility for all agency financial decisions and is responsible for establishing, implementing, and overseeing the financial administration and budgeting for the CSI.  This position exercises leadership, direction, supervision, and administration under applicable laws, rules, and regulations, to accomplish the work of the Central Services Division within broad policy guidance and direction established by the Commissioner and executive management team. 

This position is also responsible for the oversight and management of CSI federal grants, including the 1332 Innovation Waiver, to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations as well as the terms of the grant.

We are seeking candidates who value teamwork, customer service, innovation, and who want to be an integral part of the management team while overseeing, planning, and directing the accounting and finance operations of the agency.  To be successful in this position, you should possess extensive knowledge and demonstrated strengths in the following areas:

·   Governmental accounting and auditing standards

·   Montana statutes and State of Montana accounting, financial, and other relevant policies and procedures

·   Concepts and theories of financial management, accounting processes, and theories, including governmental accounting and budgeting

·   Public administration and legislative process

·   State of Montana budget process

·   Montana Acquisition and Contracting System (eMACS) and State of Montana purchasing laws and regulations

·   Statewide Accounting, Budgeting and Human Resource System (SABHRS)

·   Online accounting systems

·   Management practices and personnel management

The essential functions of this position include the following:

·   Develops and implements strong management practices and personnel management oversight.

·   Directs the division’s activities to accomplish CSI’s mission, goals, and objectives by implementing sound management practices while planning, organizing, and assigning work to staff.

·   Establishes clear priorities, expectations, methods, and deadlines.

·   Allocates financial resources and provides general guidance and technical assistance to subordinates and other CSI staff as necessary.

·   Monitors outcomes to ensure objectives are met and tasks are completed while taking corrective actions as applicable.

·   Monitors the office’s financial affairs to ensure agency business is conducted in a matter that is efficient and effective.

·   Complies with, interprets, and implements federal and state laws, rules, and regulations that affect funding and operations.

·   Ensures accountability for all public funds administered.

·   Reviews and investigates large, unusual, and high-risk transactions and makes recommendations to the Commissioner and executive team for policies, internal control systems, and/or improved management practies that are needed to address any problem areas identified.

·   Develops systems and recommends legislation and administrative rules to implement legislative changes.

·   Provides oversight of and reviews agency policies and procedures and information contained within SABHRS for accuracy by performing financial and data-system analysis and review.  Directs modifications and/or updates as necessary.

·   Collaborates with other internal departments including Human Resources/Payroll staff to identify solutions and resolve discrepancies in SABHRS as needed.

·   Ensures the financial policies and processes associated with administering the office’s federal funds, including those related to federal pass-through funding, meet related compliance requirements.

·   Manages the agency’s fiscal responsibilities for federal grants to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations as well as the terms of the grant.  Provides in-house expertise to management and staff regarding grant funds.  Establishes and maintains communication with grant authorities and recipients.  Reviews grants and new programs for fiscal requirements.

·   Advises the Commissioner, the executive team, bureau chiefs, and human resources on fiscal policy, direction, and interpretation.

·   Provides oversight of and actively participates in establishing and maintaining controls to ensure timely, accurate, and regulatory compliance information of all financial and budget activity.

·   Researches, analyzes, and identifies problems and trends.  Implementing solutions as needed.

·   Ensures financial data is compiled and organized and ensures the preparation of financial schedules and various reports for both internal agency personnel and external stakeholders including legislators, other agencies, and the public. 

·   Presents detailed fiscal schedules and projections to the Commissioner and executive team.

·   Oversees the development and implementation of the agency’s biennial budget in collaboration with the Commissioner and the executive team according to program goals and objectives, legislative intent, and departmental and program priorities. 

·   Formulates and recommends agency positions and actions pertaining to budget issues by reviewing all cost projections, revenue and expenditure forecasts, fund balance monitoring, and related analyses in accordance with goals and objectives.

·   Coordinates, in collaboration with the Commissioner and executive team, the submission and defense of the agency’s executive budget requests by performing, assigning, and reviewing the research and compilation of financial information for budget composition, and responding to various inquiries and questions from both internal and external stakeholders. 

·   Prepares thorough and accurate responses to legislative information requests as necessary. 

·   Represents the Commissioner at Interim Legislative Committee meetings and Legislative Sessions.

·   Recommends and drafts pertinent legislation and audit responses, develops and presents testimony before legislative committees, and presents information and materials to defend the CSI budget before appropriation committees. 

·   Serves as the chief agency liaison to the Legislative Auditor’s Office, and ensures accurate information and financial schedules are prepared, completed, and presented accordingly.

·   Ensures the implementation of all audit recommendations and briefs internal agency personnel as applicable. 

·   Prepares or reviews budgetary documents for content, accuracy, and adherence to the agency’s goals and objectives, legislative intent, and federal guidelines.  Recommends and implements fiscal operational corrections as authorized.

·   Makes major reallocation decisions and requests additional funds or spending authority based on monitoring statistical and management performance reports for all departmental activities.

·   Provides oversight of and coordinates, assigns, prepares, monitors and submits fiscal notes for the agency.  Ensures fiscal notes are submitted on time and adhere to state and agency standards.  Requires reviewing legislation, determining fiscal impact, and submitting the information in a clear, concise, and factual manner.

·   Takes the lead role and acts as the agency’s liaison to the Governor’s Office of Budget and Program Planning (OBPP) and the Legislative Fiscal Division, prepares budget information, and answers questions from others.

·   Provides technical assistance and training to agency staff on travel, purchasing, budgeting, accounting policies, and fiscal year-end procedures.

·   Provides oversight of the performance of the operational support services for Central Services, using specific knowledge of particular programs.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirement:

·   Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or other related field with a concentration in accounting from an accredited university.  

·   Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  

·   Minimum of five (5) years of professional governmental accounting, budgeting, and supervisory experience.  Experience in statewide Accounting, Budgeting, and Human Resource Systems (SABHRS), Internet Budget and Reporting System (IBARS), and Montana Acquisition and Contracting System (eMACS) is strongly preferred. 

Alternate combinations of education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The successful candidate should exhibit the following competencies:

·   Advanced knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and ability to administer fiscal operations.

·   Knowledge of government accounting processes and software.

·   Strong analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

·   Ability to plan, prioritize, and execute.

·   Strong leadership, change-management, and strategic planning skills.

·   Ability to demonstrate discretion, integrity, and fairness.

·   Demonstrated commitment to professionalism, respect, and collaborative teamwork in the workplace.

·   Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, for a variety of audiences. 

·   Must be able to build effective relationships with other staff including subordinates, agency executives, management, human resources, legal, other agencies, the legislature, and the public.

·   Strong customer focus with a commitment to exceed expectations for both internal and external customers.

·   Must be able to interpret, apply, and ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and statutes.

·   Ability to work and engage in diverse working environments within and outside the agency.

·   Must exhibit strong attention-to-detail, follow-through, and accuracy.   

·   Strong social perception skills.   

·   Must possess the ability to understand, interpret and communicate complex policies, procedures, and regulations in an easily understandable manner.

·   Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

·   Ability to function well under pressure and manage multiple priorities simultaneously.

·   Extremely proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or similar software with the ability to learn

·   Must be dependable and reliable with a strong ability to be flexible and adaptable.

If you feel you have the qualifications for this position and have an interest in protecting Montana consumers, please submit ALL of the following documents and apply through the State of Montana Careers website.  When you apply, please make sure to mark your attachments as “relevant” or we will be unable to view your documents.

  1. Cover Letter.  In your cover letter, please describe your qualifications and how you meet the required knowledge, skills, educational, experience, and competency requirements for this position.  

  2. Resume

  3. College Transcripts and where applicable, copies of professional certifications.  

  4. At least three Professional References (Name, Title, Phone Number, and Email Address)

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