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Chief Financial Officer for Cascade County

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ensures the accountability and effectiveness of Cascade County government

Date Posted

September 11, 2023


Job Posting


Great Falls, MT

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ensures the accountability and effectiveness of Cascade County government by providing efficient innovative services, public policy analysis, financial expertise and management and oversight of the accounting, budgetary, purchasing and financial operations and activities of Cascade County in support of all Cascade County Offices and Departments.  The CFO’s primary duties and responsibilities include: managing and directing the Finance Department, which is responsible for all accounting, budgeting, purchasing and financial support for all County operations, overall County budget development, preparation, analysis and oversight, financial policy analysis and implementation, direction and oversight of financial programs/service delivery, resources management  and maintaining internal accounting, budgetary and financial systems and controls.  The CFO’s duties and responsibilities also include: making budget appropriations and monitoring Budget Performance Reports, studying economic trends and revenue opportunities/projections, tracking Loan Instruments and Special Assessment (RSID), reviewing and analyzing investment strategies and compiling data and overseeing the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and any other financial documentation for the Annual Audit.  The CFO’s duties include monitoring, management and evaluation of grants within Cascade County, sub-recipient monitoring and compliance, assistance with the annual fiscal audit including evaluation of time and effort reporting, federal cost principles and other internal controls related to grant compliance.  The CFO participates in decisions related to the planning, direction, administration and supervision of the financial operations and activities of the County as assigned by the Board of County Commissioners (BOC).  The CFO exercises supervision over the work of all personnel in the Finance Department.  The CFO performs other duties as required or assigned by the BOC to accomplish the overall accounting, budgetary and financial objectives, missions and goals of the County.

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