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5 Ways a Professional Association Can Boost Your Career

June 03, 2024

The workplace has evolved, offering more flexibility and less formality, so you might wonder if joining a professional organization like MTCPA is still relevant or just an old-school practice.

While MTCPA has a rich tradition (over 100 years!), it remains a vital way to invest in your professional development.

Camaraderie: Joining MTCPA connects you with peers who share your skills and passions, especially if you’re the only CPA in your organization. Building relationships with others in your field can be invaluable for support and networking.

The Pulse of the Profession: Stay updated on the latest changes in the CPA field, including exam updates, tax codes, industry regulations, and emerging technologies. MTCPA membership ensures you have the latest information to thrive.

Tailored Learning & Professional Development: Access free and discounted learning opportunities designed to equip members and future leaders with essential skills.

Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities: Grow as a professional by volunteering for events, committees, and boards. These experiences build leadership skills and enhance your professional reputation.

Resources for Every Career Stage: MTCPA offers resources tailored to all career stages, from students to seasoned professionals.

Explore the benefits of MTCPA membership, apply online, or renew your membership today. For assistance, contact our Membership team.